The goal of the Eco-Mariner course is to provide motor boaters with the necessary knowledge to protect Florida Bay’s sensitive environment. This course provides an understanding of Florida Bay’s Geography, Threats, Protection, and Regulations in an effort to protect Florida Bay’s important wildlife and habitats.

After completing the Eco-Mariner course you will be able to:

  1. Recognize the unique characteristics of Florida Bay and describe why this resource is important to protect.
  2. Locate Florida Bay on a map of Florida and identify eight key locations and four routes between Flamingo and the Florida Keys using the Florida Bay Map & Guide as a companion to Waterproof Chart #33E.
  3. Identify four habitats and four types of wildlife in Florida Bay and explain what threatens each of them.
  4. Identify the six methods that boaters can apply to minimize their own impact on the habitats and wildlife of Florida Bay, and within each method, demonstrate two techniques they could employ that would help to protect these resources.
  5. Review the Everglades boating and fishing regulations and cite at least seven of the regulations.

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